Amphi is the creation of an adventurous and outdoor-loving family. Dr. Marek Swododa invented Amphi, the hybrid underwater propulsion vehicle, which he constructed and tested with his son Michal. The project is managed and supervised by Ginger, with the help of Viola - tropical expedition planner and organizer, and Alex - training and safety.

Dr. Marek Swoboda - perpetual inventor, our founder and the father of the world's first powered bionic monofin, Amphi. Having a PhD in bioengineering helped him create, develop and build our product.

Michal - our research and development department. Here you can see his new office, where he is reprogramming the Amphi before another test dive.

Ginger, our EP Everything Person (in other buinesses called the CEO) showing the Amphi V2.

Viola, Director of Expeditions. Everyone wants to be friends with her, as she can take you to your dream destination where you'll get a chance to swim with Amphi - a perfect vacation.

Alex - the training and safety dude (normally called Director of Training and Safety DOTAS). With him you will be safe, and yes, you will be trained like hell.

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