Do you want to swim or dive faster, deeper, more efficiently? Feel like a dolphin?

Would you like to explore the underwater world more easily?

You can achieve all of this with AMPHI – a personal underwater vehicle, designed for snorkelers, free-divers, scuba divers, and water sport enthusiasts.

Swimmer's dream


Everybody feels it, even though we don't talk about it. When in the water, we feel like we belong there. It surrounds us with a gentle but tangible presence, pleasurable touch, turquoise fluid, tempting deep blue, teasing darkness of the abyss, sandy carpets below and sparkling ceiling above us.

Our old evolutionary instincts kick in and bring hardwired memories of relaxation, safety, calmness. Some of us find it strange that with all those feelings our aquatic skills don’t match those of our lesser brothers.


We feel excited watching sea animals and plants and we want to become one of them...

We try


We put heavy SCUBA gear, and like heavy and clumsy robots push our monster looking shapes into the gentle gardens of coral reefs. We still feel foreign to this realm because our mobility is not even close to that we saw in the swimmer's dream.

Or we put fins on and try to penetrate the sea using our skills and air trapped in the lungs. This is usually a hard and frustrating experience since the mobility is purchased with precious oxygen. We feel free for a couple of seconds, but with each kick our body demands more oxygen. We eventually feel suffocated and surface.

We struggle between long-lasting, but clumsy - or nimble, but short lived.

So what is the solution to the swimmer's dream? We think we have it. The answer is "bionic" body.

We can use bioengineering and enhance our bodies to become amphibious creatures: half land - half sea, half human - half machine. We can use bionic sensing to control our propulsion, we can feel like sea animals - be nimble and quick, and at the same time conserve our precious oxygen, We can be like otters or seals just by the virtue of bionic enhancement.

Let us present to you the  swimmer's dream incarnated - Amphi. Let us introduce you to your new persona - the Amphinaut.


Ancient Greek ἀμφί (amphí)

αμφι-  (amfi-)

1. added before a noun, adjective or verb to create words that indicates something on two sides or in two places

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